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Hundred thousand views!
25 april 2014
Now has The Shadow Out of Time passed 100 000 views on Youtube! It is by far the most spread installment from Millroad Film.

Classics and festivals
march 2014

Millroad Classics continue to find their ways out of the shelf and into the digital era. Latest installment the be re-released on Youtube; El Toro Negros II: The New Batch. It is an old dusty piece to find the light. Millroad films first entire new short film production, made in 2003. The film is remastered with a new "clean" soundtrack and some new digital special effects to match the directors definitive vision of the violent saga of crime.

See the film here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KjTqspVDz9g

The Shadow Out of Time will be screened at the CPH PIX Film Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark. More information on the festival homepage http://www.cphpix.dk/

A yearly update !
27 oktober 2013

OMG! Almost page a year since the last update here! Be sure to join Millroad Films facebook page for more regular MRF updates!

The new film in the making!
Yes. The mill is working on som new stuff. In fact, there's a couple of new project in the making. The most ambitious is a ode to the legacy of mexican chessy lowbudget lucha libre cinema.

In Mexico there's a whole genre of movies with masked wrestlers as heroes. Millroad Film want to do a modern swedish take on this genius.

Games of anxiety
In one year Daniel has made 12 episode of his webb-TV-serie "Ångestspel" - in english; Games of anxiety - a comedy show about old bad video games. Some episodes are heavy on the special effect side, featuring parodies of Star Wars, doungeon-crawling-roleplaying and Super Mario-games.

All episodes of Games of anxiety
can be found in Daniels Youtue channel. The episodes are all in swedish. These episodes are produced under the Bara å bänna, sub brand for more reality-based procuctions.

The Shadow of a Success!

The Shadow Out of Time continue to live a life of it's own on the internet! A healthy life, it seems. All the nice response in overvelving! 76 000 views. 1400 likes. 670 comments. By far the greatest success I've been involved in! The film can still be seen here:

Millroad Classics on Youtube!
During the autum we have started to complete our backlist on Youtube. We're going public with our old films, for better or for worse. You can now find MRF-classics like One man army (2004), Hard to handle (2004), The Melody of Life (2005) and more! Just check out Daniel Lenneérs channel here.

More Shadows are hunting us!
5 november 2012

Some news from The Shadow Out of Time project!

A Youtube phenomena
The film has close to 24 000 screenings on Richard's channel on Youtube!
Watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7jp1CT1h6c

Chasing Shadows
Behind the scenes feature
The behind-the-scenes-feature has the name Chasing Shadow: The making of The Shadows Out of Time. Yes, I know... It's a title that just roll of your toungh... It's 30 minutes long, twice the lenght of the film it promotes and show the naked truth absout nearly all aspects of amateur film making. It's by far the most ambitious behind-the-scenes-feature I've ever made. Richard rarely speaks about his work on film and Daniel rarely speaks english on tape. So don't let it go! Watch it on Daniels channel here:

The DVD out of time
The DVD is to be released in the cold november. It looks pretty good! It comes with a printed disc with the beatiful pulp-art of Mattias Westergren and a chapter folder. Limited edition also comes with a soundtrack CD.

Tellusfilm.com has a review of the film and the DVD here:

Millroad Film on H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival
9 may 2012
This weekend we are participating the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival & CthulhuCon, Portland Oregon, USA, with our film The Shadow Out of Time. Richards solo-work Nightgaunts will also be on the big screen there. In short; This weekend, in Portland - you will not believe your eyes!
It's a dream come true for us. Absolutely the right forum and the right audience.
We are proud and wish we could be in place. Instead we will hold our ground in the vast frozen Scandinavian wasteland - but our Shadow will be there.

Link to the festival: http://www.hplfilmfestival.com/
...and to the SOOT-page: http://www.hplfilmfestival.com/2012/portland/films/shadow-out-time

Terror from the Abyss on the air!
5 may 2012
During march and april Millroad Films Terror from the Abyss has been broadcasted several time on the air - on AMGTV, MiCasa and HOT TV - exclusive in Texas, USA. Millroad film appreciate they want to show our film!

It's done and in a thounsand minds!
12 april 2012
After a very intense last week in March of production...The Shadow Out of Time is done! It can be seen on Richard Svenssons Youtube channel. It has more than 1000 views already!

We are also proud to announce The Shadow Out of Time and Lone Animators solo-work Nightgaunts are signed and delivered to the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival. The stars are right 11-13 May in Portland, USA. You will not believe your eyes! http://www.hplfilmfestival.com/

It is coming out of time...
10 march 2012
We are workig hard to puting the pieces together now. We hope we are able to launch The Shadow Out of Time at the end of this month. What we are making is 14 minutes of pulp style horror sci-fi adventure extravaganza...

The teaser trailer from The Lone Animator can be seen here:

The theatrical trailer from Millroad Fim can be seen here:

See them and feel free to comment!

Old horror in a new light
12 january 2012
Terror from the Abyss became the first Official Selection to the Once a Week Online Film Festival of 2012. It was reposted on the Festivals Youtube channel and received well by among new viewers and Lovecraft fans!
We are very happy to see our movies began to live their own life on the internet! In fact it was the whole idea with our strategy to go online with all our new releases. Nobody in Sweden cares about the culture of independent filmmaking. We had to seek new ground and new horizon.
On "The Terrors" concern; More things are happening with this old horror. We have reason to come back to it later.

Time is all you need...
7 november 2011
The Shadow Out of Time is in the post production phase and it will remain there for a long time. Daniel try to find time for the project between working with the webb and drawing comics.
This night the web page gets a long awaited face lift and an update.
The Millroad Film Facebook-group is "updated" to Facebooks new standard. Feel free to join!

A new project from the mist of the unreal!
15 july 2011
The 1st of July we began filming MRFs new project in Watchfarm studio, Lerdala. It's an adaption of H.P Lovecrafts novel The Shadow out of Time. The main actor is Åke Rosén. Nearly every scene was shot against a greenscreen. Millroad film does the live-action fotage, The Lone Animator does the animations. The new thing is moving. It has began. An eternity of work remains. Premiere 2012.

Cleaning out the closet
11 april 2011
This weekend I was cleaning out the MRF archive to make place for new titles. Too many DVDs was collecting dust in the darkness. The early pre-2004 titles are now out of stock. Melody of Life, One man army legends, Wavebreakers and Terrror from the Abyss are still aviable on limited DVDs.

The Stars are right - and there's five of them!
9 january 2011
A new review of TERROR FROM THE ABYSS can be seen on the swedish film site Tellusfilm.com. And it's a BOOOM out of the caves! Read it here:

No words can tell...
13 september 2010
After aeons... The TERROR FROM THE ABYSS DVD is finally here! It contains both a swedish and an english version of the film.
Among the special features of the DVD:
Cold visions, dark deeds - Behind the scenes in an intimate and comprehensive documentary. No words can tell - Art and design feature. Make it real - Storyboards compered to final shots. Pure terror in living coluors - Some scenes in all the orginal glorious colours. Jordgömda - The extended cut of Daniel Lenneérs first H.P Lovecraft tribute, exclusive for this DVD.

The Immortal Tale of the Eternal Blade...
23 august 2010
A fantasy epic on Millroad!? Close... Close but no cigar...
Millroad Film made a music video the last week for the related band/project The Henchmen of Rivergate. The video is related to the song The Eternal Blade and it tells a tale about an sword send from God propicied to destroy evil forces.... Oooh yes. Powermetal... In the flesh...

The Horror is complete...
22 august 2010
The Terror from the Abyss in swedish, entitled Fasan från avgrunden, is finished! Millroad recieved a copy from Movings Stonecat's postproduction process today. And the result looks stunning! Like old, dirty, scratchy 1920s cinema... That's the way we like it!
The english version is on it's way. The DVD also. Daniel is right now working on the special features, the cover and other things related to the DVD-release.
Millroad Film are also planing to screen the film at Tell Us film festival. If it's not refused you can see it there...

Millroad party with late night horror premier...
24 july 2010
A sneak preview of TERROR FROM THE ABYSS took place at the place of origin, the millroad, Lerdala 10th july 2010. The late screening was an surprising event at the party to celebrate Daniels 30th anniversiry. The El Toro Negros were guests and The One man army theme were singed.
Thanks to all those who were there and made the evening memorable!

This summer a chilling terror will appear...
10 june 2010

An ancient terror is close to hit the real world...
The new Millroad film feature is nearly finished! TERROR FROM THE ABYSS
is a 10 minutes old school adventure/horror silent cinema in 1920s style. Endless sessions of greenscreen compositions and cut-out-animation pays of in the first film ever based on H.P. Lovecrafts classic At the Mountains of Madness. The film is true to the basic story of the book but add a lot of humour to Lovecrafts wierd tale. As one of the taglines said:

...Turns cosmic madness into comic madness.

The film is Millroad films most ambitous greenscreen production yet (the film cover only one location scene, everything else is greenscreen) and Daniel Lenneér hasn't made this many animations in one single project since The Melody of Life (2005).

The film will be released on DVD and on Youtube this summer. And it's all in english - as a pleasure for all our international fans. Stay tuned!

New reviews
A new swedish review on Wavebreaker can be found at the blog Spektakel.se! Read it here >> There's also a review on One man army Legends to be found in the backlist there. Check them out!

Live-action animated Elder Things
2 june 2010
Daniel Lenneér took part in the event EXPO 2010 in Carlshamn, Sweden, today. He performed some Photoshop-picture-editing and some After Effects-animation on request of Blekinge UPP to bring "some arty action" to their site.
Two animeted clips for TERROR FROM THE ABYSS were made live in public.
On the picture you can see Daniel and Stefan Harrysson (www.movingstonecat.com) in a deep conversation about the upcoming postproduction of the new hot relesae.

Millroad at the wall
7 february 2010
Millroad Film enter two days of exhibition at "The Workshop of Feelings" in Ronneby! See reels from Millroads productions in the punk style movie room and witness stunning art from the related names as Daniel Lenneér, Richard Svensson and Stefan Harrysson!

Make Nemo crawl...
1 february 2010
Millroad Films first crossmedia experiment is launched! The gaming magazine Fenix 1/2010 is out now and holds a 4-page article featuring Wavebreakers as a roleplaying scenario. What would you do in the place of crew? Would you fight for your freedom? The text is aviable in swedish only.
Be crew member of Nautlus. Do your part. And make Nemo crawl.

An extraordinary adventure in the polar extreme...
24 january 2010
The futuristic year of 2010 is here... Millroad Film's upcoming project is a kind of parody adaption of Lovecrafts novel At the mountain of madness. The film is planed to circa 10-15 minutes and to be presented in pure retro black n' white style of the 1920s. It's all greenscreen and it's already half way there...

Turning known events into an interactive drama...
30 november 2009
Wavebreakers is taking a leap into a new kind of experience! Swedens finest magazine in roleplaying games and games in general are going to publish an article that takes the events of the film and turn them into an interactive drama. You can find the article in next years first issue. The issue out now (6/2009 ) contains a short tease for the article and Wavebreakers on Youtube. Watch it know, experience it later...

For all your nerdy needs...
27 october 2009
For all your nerdy needs... This ambitous american blog featuring monster- and horrrorfilms put our proud independent studio and Wavebreakers in the spotlight. Read the article here >>

It's a breaker!
14 september 2009
The swedish filmsite Tellusfilm loves Wavebreakers and give it 4 stars out of 5! Read their review here (in swedish only) >>

Watch and vote for Wavebreakers!
12 september 2009
Wavebreakers has been nominated for a screening and the audience award at the TellUs Film Festival, Carlhamn Sweden, next weekend. Unite and vote for the steampunk dystopia in the sacred quest for the crown of the southwest Swedish Film Award.

It is also the first time the whole movie is available online for everyone to watch.

Watch and vote for the madness here >>!

Wavebreakers Special Edition DVD takes you deeper...
9 june 2009

Just like George Lucas, Millroad Film forces you to buy crap you love one more time! A new black WAVEBREAKERS: SPECIAL EDITION DVD is now out! The disc featuring some new special features and new stunning front artwork in glorious adventure-style by Mattias Westergren.
This new dark DVD takes you even deeper into the abyss of madness...

Free-roll: Wavebreakers in the library
Two copies of the Wavebreakers DVD are in the hands of the swedish library service for young independent artists; Demoteket. You can now borrow Wavebreakers for free in the two most important cities in Sweden, Ronneby and Skövde.

Wavebreakers DVD and more...
12 may 2009

The madness is finally yours to own!
The WAVEBREAKERS DVD presents the film together with a lot of breathtaking special features; Two new behind-the-scenes features, a greenscreen-feature, trailers, fanart-archive, two BONUS-short films from MILLROAD FILM and more.
The "Nemo-letter" is also included.


Wavebreakers Fanart
There's some fans with skills out there... Check out the Wavebreakers fanart archive! Be inspired, made your own and email us.
Wavebrekers is the new art movement!


A new project is in production at Millroad Film. This project is entiteled THE POLKA BIRD and is more of an experiment or art performance than a movie. THE POLKA BIRD covers the epic journey and the poetic state of an ugly bird. Sounddesigner/artist Christoffer Holmström is contracted for the soundtrack to the THE POLKA BIRD.

Earthbound at the Alfred Film Festival
16 april 2009
EARTBOUND made it to the legendary local Alfred Film Festival! The screening takes place at The Scala Theather in Sölvesborg, Sweden 25/4 at 6 PM. More about the event at http://www.alfredgalan.se/.


Two New Releases!
26 march 2009
Two new films from the mill this march! Yes, it's true!

14,5 minutes.

Over one year in the making... It's finally done! From Millroad Film, Lone Animator and CJFilm comes an ode to Jules Verne and his classic novel 20 000 Lauges Under the Sea.
This is the only adaption with focus on the silent crew of the submarine. The choosen few. Those without names. The Wavebreakers.
This is their story and it is a dark saga about boredom, madness and isolation.

Premier 6 April in Växjö, Sweden at the Cinefest Convention.
Rififi, 6.00 PM.

Be there. Watch the spactacle. And your life will never be the same...

10 minutes
Silent movie/parody

A parody of the classic formula of a H.P Lovecraft tale. I did everthing myself in this one. I filmed it in a few days in june 2008 and finished the editing in march 2009. It's a small projekt without any big ambitions.
The greatest challenge in Earthbound was to tranform shots of Ronneby into the 1920s... In fact, the film turned out a bit disapointing... So these shots is the best part of it... Let's call it a fun experiment.

Watch the Earthbound trailer on Youtube:


New sensations on Youtube...
24 january 2009
Now can the first part in a making-of-feature be seen on Youtube. It entitled Surface and Deep - The Story of Wavebreakers and take you beyond the process of filmmaking, from idea to plot to shooting and special effects. There will be 2 or 3 parts of the documentary and the complete feature will be on the DVD and on the tube when the film is done. The documentary is, like the film itself, all in swedish.

See it here:


There's also a new trailer out, there:


You are not alone...

14 january 2009
Now there's an offical group for Millroad Film on the massive social network Facebook. Every Facebookin' friend and fan can join. Welcome!


The Audience Choice Award to OMAL!

21 september 2008
TellUs Film Festival took place in Karlskrona this weekend. ONE MAN ARMY LEGENDS: UNCHAINED took the AUDIENCE AWARD PRIZE in the senior class!
It was the second award ever to a Millroad Film release.
The winners were based on an online election. Thanks for all your votes!
As Daniel said on stage "I've learned I have many friends on the internet".

The Return of El Toro Negros
16 september 2008
No, it's not a new upcoming MRF movie... It was a rare event.
For one day, on 11th september 2008, the Bjarnes Mix Collective reunite the classic MRF gangster gang to celibrate Petrus bachelor party.
El Balto, La Frojdo, Bo Hardy and El Cubano teamed up with the new characters El Jerko and El Magnioso. Perus himself embraced the classic role and red suit of Ganjaman. It all turned out to a day long remebered...


Beneath the waves...

15 september 2008
Millroad Film spend a week in Greece a few weeks ago. Underwater photos (backgrounds for the diving sequenses) and sea views (for the submarine, above-water-shots) were prodeced exclusive for WAVEBREAKERS.
WAVEBREAKERS will be the second film with a part of production in Greece. In 2007 Christopher Johansson shot some postapocalyptic material for ONE MAN ARMY LEGENDS at Crete, Greece.


No Wavebreaker this year...

10 september 2008
WAVEBREAKERS is in editing and will remain so this autum and winter... Sorry to say, no release is possible this year. There's a lot of background design, composition work to be made and a lot of animation to put in there for Mr. Lone Animator... Planned release for Wavebreakers is early spring 2009.
Follow the process in the Captains log >> (it's all in swedish, sorry).


5 september 2008
The release of an unchained beast...
Millroad Film has made a re-cut of OMAL under the not short but beautiful name ONE MAN ARMY LEGENDS: UNCHAINED. The Unchained version is 13,5 minutes, 11 minutes from the original DVD cut has been removed and because of this brutal trim it is a faster and more intense movie experience ready to hit the public...

See the Unchained version and vote for it here >>.


14 august 2008
It's all magic...

VB is in editing... And there's a lot to do with greenscreen composition and background elements. In this picture from the july sessions of VB shooting in Lerdala we use a piece of wood to create a piece of art.


10 august 2008
Guess who's back?
New fotage of the strange travelling salesman of OMAL? Why? Stay tuned...


7 july 2008
Mr. Noone on board - with a sword
A week ago Henning did a beautiful performance as the Captain of the drama. Our prop designer had made a giant steampunk-looking sword and The Henn wielded it bravely into action.

During the days of shooting in West Gothia regions we also had some sound recording sessions in Swedish Radio Studios, Skövde.


30 june 2008
Nothing is real...
Like the legendary vehicle "N" of the film's backstory, Wavebreakers is a project always in motion... Even in in dark times and if The Wall here on millroad.lenneer.se stands still...
During june we have made a lot of greenscreen-shooting in The Basement Studios of Ronneby, Sweden. Machineroom-work, diving and figthing took place in the front of a green sheet.
Nothing is real and everything is green.

In july we set sail north for the shooting location Lerdala. We are planning to take some shots on the same set as old classics as El Toro Negros and One man army.


12 may 2008
Freedom's lost...
The shooting of Wavebreakers has begun! We wasted two days of wonderful sumerlike weather locked up in the basement with bags of charcoal, a greenscreen and a rubber octopus... It was nice. Thanks to the crew!


8 may 2008
Breaking the ice...
The first small glipse of thje new project Wavebreakers can now be seen on Youtube. A lightning and audiotest turned out as a short teaser trailer. Enjoy.

7 may 2008
All dressed up...
Dress up for the summer in the new Millroad Film shirt! Classic vintage logo on the chest along with the message; independent art of illusions since 2002.


16 april 2008
OMAL - Fun & Foolish

Do you miss a silly reel with bloopers and spoofs on the OMAL DVD...? The days of waiting is over! Yesterday Millroad Film launched the behind the scenes feature OMAL: Fun & foolish exclusive on Youtube. See it and learn more about black santa och the famous "caress-lumber-scene" that tranform into the "caress-stone-scene"...


13 april 2008
One Man Army Legends under the saw...

First swedish review online on Tellusfilm.com. It brings light to the truth of bad fights, forest running and tired eyes... We still love it for the same things.
Read the review here >>


30 jan. 2008

Classic MRF moments on Youtube
The classic Millroad Film Showreel from 2004 is now aviable online on Youtube for the first time. Check it out. Do you remember all the acts?

Millroad Films first 2004 Showreel:

There's also a "2008 recut edition" with new adds here:


19 jan. 2008
Celebrating the birth of a legend...
The OMAL release party in Ronneby take place with first officiell screening and the special beer of the travelling salesman; Traveller's tear. Taste the apocalyps, lad!


10 jan. 2008
One man army Legends is finished and on DVD!
Now he can be your one man army tonight, for real. DVDs are going out for festivals, promotion and of course for the team and friendly fans. Read everything about it on the realeses page >>


Dec. 2007
Merry kappa!
Limited OMAL christmas cards going out to those involved.


OMAL - Soon on DVD!
Christopher making the final cuts on the film in Skövde. Daniel is working on the epic special features for the DVD. The disc will featuring MAKING LEGENDS (Making of-feature) and CRAFTING THE LEGEND (Art of-feature) and much more.


Trailers online!
The full lenght theatrical trailer for OMAL is up on Youtube:

Here's the shorter and spoiler-free teaser trailer:

the future is always in motion...

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