short, epic action/sci-fi, 25 min. 2008

ONE MAN ARMY LEGENDS is both a sequel and a prequel to the beloved ONE MAN ARMY (2004) and it bring the future postapocalyptic saga to a new level of excitement.
Are you ready to face the danger and the wonders beyond the postapocalyps?
Are you ready face an epic anventure unlike everything you ever seen?

MILLROAD FILMs biggest production so far, filmed in Lerdala, Ronneby and on the mythological shores of Crete in 2007.
The film was produced in association with CJ FILM and LONE ANIMATOR.

Aviable on DVD in january 2008. Special features like the documentary MAKING LEGENDS and the art and design feature CRAFTING THE LEGEND is included.

He simply is your one man army... tonight.

Features aviable on the net:

Trailer on Youtube >>

Behind the scenes photos >>

Production diary (in swedish) >>

In festivals and homes during 2008!