One man army
short, action, 13 min. 2004

A postapocalyptic ninja action movie.
The events take place in a future Sweden destroyed by years of warfare. A fascist army forced by an evil Captain have shattered the proud kingdom of north Europe.
It's a new time under a new evil threat...
This new time needs a new hero...

Featuring live-action, experimental 2D-scenes and tons of unmotivated violence and posing with swords.

Perhaps one of the most strange none-budget pictures ever made. The naive script is like written of a twelve year old.
Filmed in 2004 in Lerdala with the crew of the Bjarne's Mix Collective.

A even more strange prequel movie, One man army Legends, are being made 2007. The second film is much more stylistic and present the backstory to this film.